Prosecco Italy & Rosat – the fruity pearl wine from Barcelona

Prosecco Italy & Rosat – the fruity pearl wine from Barcelona

In summer, it’s easy to relax. The birds chirp and even in the late evening the balmy air can still be enjoyed. Grilling chirps and the scent of freshly mowed grass is in the air. A summer day is best rounded off with a true classic: the Prosecco. The sparkling pearl wine is a true icon from Italy. Not too heavy and cool edify just right for hot days. With the Rosat Can Paixano, the Cava Contor introduces a close relative of Prosecco from the trendy city of Barcelona. The pearl wine has long been a classic there. If you want to try the trend now, you now have the opportunity to do so.

Rosat Can Paixano – the fruity “Prosecco” variant of Barcelona

In Barcelona there is a cult bar, a so-called Xampanyeria, where the deep red and well-cooled pearl wine has been served for decades during the summer months. The Rosat Can Paixano even bears the name of the bar. With its strong aromas of fresh berries and dark stone fruit, it adds something exciting new to the already known aromas of prosecco. The pearl wine is produced in Catalonia using a traditional process. Its powerful yet refreshingly light character makes this wine an ideal companion in many situations. As an aperitif or as an accompaniment to such light summer food, it is perfect. Due to its fresh appearance, the Rosat is particularly popular with women. The ratio of sweetness to the acidity of the pearl wine is extremely harmonious. As a result, it does not push itself to the fore and refreshes in a dignified and pleasant way.

La Xampanyeria – cult in Barcelona

As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is also the capital of the Cava and the Rosat. One of the longest-running bars specialising in pearl wine is La Xampanyeria. This is quite centrally located, close to the port, and extremely popular with both locals and tourists. For classics of Catalan cuisine, such as grilled squid, there is a wide selection of sparkling wines. Particularly popular is the Rosat, which also bears the name of the Xampanyeria. Can Paixano has almost become something of a winged word for the red and strong Rosat. With the Cava Contor there is now also the opportunity to enjoy the real taste of Barcelona at home.

On the way to great fame – the authentic Rosat from Barcelona

Many well-known Italian pearl wine has already brought it to great fame. But the trend of the hour is Rosat, which adds something new and fruity to the classic variety of Italian pearl and sparkling wine. Well chilled, it makes pure a good figure, but of course the well-known mixed drinks can also be refined with the Rosat. Cava Contor has been the best contact for wines from Catalonia for many years. With the famous Rosat from the Xampanyeria, only one classic comes to Germany, which will amaze even experienced proseccodrinkers. Powerful and at the same time fruity soft – this is what distinguishes the Rosat. With it you can offer your guests something exciting new during the summer time. A pearl wine that is remembered with its quality.

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